Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Fear None, Love All.  It's a hard concept to understand, but sometimes even harder to follow through with.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stay Strong in 2015

I can say this is an amazing start to a new year.  Challenges are still becoming an evident distraction as I approach the end of the second month of the year.  I know I am not alone out there in facing the demons that attempt to interfere with this Conscious Exodus I am on.  I know all of you that have started your Conscious Exodus might also be up against great odds as you journey through the deserts and darkness of those caverns and caves.  I will stay the course and pray for you.  I ask that you do the same for me as we move forward in our Conscious Exodus.  Stay strong.  Fear None, Love All... even when you want to extinguish the enemy, remember they can one day be your friend if given the chance and shown the love they seek.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Well another year begins and our thoughts should be on the future.  I know that's what I am trying to focus on.

The past is behind us and our misteaks mistakes hide there to haunt us and remind us of our humanity.  If we made a bad decision and learned from it then that is a move in the right direction.  Don't live in the past and torment yourself because of a bad choice that you may have made.  I know we have all heard this sort of advice before and probably try hard to make the future better than the past, but I am talking about using the past as part of our futures.  I am talking about looking at the past and not only learning from it, but also understanding how the past brought us to where we are in the moment.  This is what I hope for myself and all of you.  At times during the past year, my journey has brought me directly into the fire and deserts of despair, but although it felt like I would never make it to water, I did.  I even have extra water left over to share with you.

Live for your future because sometimes our Conscious Exodus isn't as wonderful as the destination we seek.

Fear None, Love All.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

1 Year of Unconscious Drifting

Look for the signs of a life incomplete. The signs that something is missing.  Something that makes a person inspired to walk into the dark, and search for a light to see what is there is not always the stories we hear about.  Have you walked into the dark recently and found the light?  I know there are many extraordinary people out there that are facing many different challenges.

My heart goes out to the leaders of our world in these dark times.  My prayers are with all of the victims of the horrendous acts that were thrust upon them.  Our actions need to be focused and constructive to help us journey into a brighter world.

The recent Boston bombings and Texas explosions, the school shootings and violent attacks in the US and abroad, the conspiracies that exist to make wealthy men wealthier and the poor more desolate cannot go unnoticed.  Our freedoms and liberties are at stake and spiritual attacks on us are too frequently ignored.  Race and religion must not divide us in these times when the forces of good and evil are facing off with each other.  The nationalities of our enemies are the same as the nationalities of our friends and today if we look into our DNA we will find the ones we fight against are our relations from long ago.  Evil wins when we are consumed by jealousy, envy, hate, ego, and over zealous pride.

The non-religious are not our enemies, the other races are not our enemies, the language barriers of our world divide us and allow wicked men and women to take advantage of our ignorance.  Death is not the end nor is it the solution, but evil must be conquered and evil exists in human actions.  We are evil and they are evil.  Even our good deeds can be evil in form.  The answers are not easy.  I do not have the answers.  The answer can only exist if good is what all seek out.  Chaos and destruction awaits when this is not the focus.  How we attack evil can make us evil does it not?  Angelic Wars are not Earthly wars.  This is not the end, but merely the starting point for further investigation.  To destroy evil we must embrace evil and welcome it into a world of good, but I know my human learning's have taught me just the opposite.  Seek out and destroy the virus.  Follow orders to complete the mission and take control of the enemy through any means necessary.  These along with other teaching swell my thoughts with emotion and power as I seek to find my balance in this world.

Much more is needed to further journey on as I drift through the Universe often unconscious in my Conscious Exodus.  Fear None, Love All.....Question every one's reason for their actions.  Why did they do it?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

And So It Continues

Entangled in lies and deceit we all look for the Truth which eludes us like a swift warm breeze on a cold winter's day. Seek and stare into the bottom of the dark frothy mug so that you might understand it moves from vessel to vessel putting us all under its influence.  As we find the answers it is natural that additional questions come to mind as those questions are answered then it is probable that more questions fill our minds.  This is the way of the one on a conscious exodus.  Answers breed more questions and more questions give rise to more answers.  Sometimes it is not enough to be satisfied with an answer because that is not what we are really searching for.  Continue the search my friends.  Fear None, Love All.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Connecting on Our Exodus

Not that there isn't more to life than getting online checking Facebook, Tweeting, checking the bank account balance and paying a few bills, doing a little shopping on eBay and Amazon, updating the blogger, checking out a recommended YouTube video or watching a streaming news breif, connecting with distant cousins on Family Tree DNA and randomly zoning out while searching for a new recipe on Google or Yahoo! then searching everything else that may come to mind as you look for the ingredients or origins of the recipe, but can we just imagine there was time when none of this was possible in one short portion of our day?

I know a time like this once existed.  I grew up in a time when computers were used for business not pleasure.  Online didn't mean getting connected via the Internet.  Checking in with friends and family was expensive and many of us just couldn't afford to stay "connected" from the lives we lived many hundreds of miles away from each other.  Friends were the people we physically interacted  with and enjoyed being next to.  Paying a bill took days to do and shopping was a weekly or monthly thing, not a daily experience.   We only knew who we were because someone probably told us stories about who we were and some of us might have had a picture in a photo album to help us remember the family past.  What  we ate that night was probably the same things we ate the week before unless someone had time to search through a recipe book or magazine to find anew and exciting cassarole to prepare.  I viewed life much differently than I do now and it is because of the instant connections to information and new "friends" and old "friends" that I seldom ever physically interact with.  We all know that if we look back far enough in time and remember our world history, even greater challenges to connect with each existed.  Our search for "who we are" and who we want to become as part of the world order was very difficult for many.

Think. A time existed when there were no automobiles to quickly connect our towns and cities, and no planes to connect our country with another, and there was even a time when boats were not very capable of crossing the vast oceans.  We are so immediately connected today in ways that probably could never have been imagined 2000 years ago.  The time that has passed and the people that have been able to meet because of advancements in the way we "connect" with each other has definately changed the way I search for the answers and interact with those I come in contact with daily.  My Conscious Exodus is much different today than it would have been 2000 years ago.  Where is your Conscious Exodus taking you today?

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The sounds of the world around us are calling out.  Many are loud and hard to ignore, but there are those sounds that really are subtle and hard to understand.  Some sounds are just noises that might have very little meaning to us as they distort the other more important sounds in the background.  Listen and filter out the nuisance.

Some of the sounds are screaming out from miles away and can barely be heard because of the distance they have traveled to reach us.  One such sound is being amplified by the use of technology.  This is not the only one that matters, but it is one that is being amplified.  I applaud the people who want to see the sounds of suffering quieted in this world.  The sound of suffering that is taking place all around us is often muffled by laughter and joy, excitement and personal happiness, or the cries and bellowing of more personal suffering.

The sounds of the cries I mention are both distant and local.  Recently I have been paying more attention to the cries of the "invisible children".  I was made aware of this many years ago, but ignored the sounds, the cries, the screams of those who were raped or mutilated because they were coming from such a great distance away in Uganda that I could not hear them.  I could not hear them again until recently.  I found a video that made these sounds loud again.  What I hear is coming from a distance, but is as clear as if I was there in Africa.  The sounds of suffering is a direct result of rebellion that started sometime in the 1980's by Joseph Kony and the group calling itself the Lord's Resistance Army.  I hear the sounds of suffering because the video that was posted on YouTube amplified the voices so I can hear them here in the US and others can hear them all over the world.  Other broadcasters and websites also helped to amplify and repeat these sounds as they help to repeat other sounds of suffering in the world and in the United States.

This is where my conscious exodus has taken me today.

I am concerned that local suffering, international suffering, and personal suffering are all interconnected and do not exist without each other.  We cannot ignore the sounds that are loudest to us because they are easily heard.  We cannot ignore the sounds of suffering that are muffled all because they are miles away from us.  We cannot ignore the sounds of suffering that are not able to be heard because they are on the other side of our planet and they matter.   I applaud and thank Jason Russell and his efforts to amplify the voices, but this opens up a whole new way of thinking about global politics (greed, murder, war, and the abuse of power) and the way we communicate the information, the sounds and the noises, that are out there.  There are some important things to think about and lessons to learn as indicated in an article from Wayne K. Spear.

We must listen to those sounds we can hear and help others hear those sounds they cannot hear.  Continue on your conscious exodus and "Fear None, Love All."