Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Past

I am sitting here staring at a book marker in my copy of  "The Epic of Gilgamesh" and on it is written "The past cannot be changed. But the future is whatever you want it to be."  I am so sure that this is sometimes misunderstood as "forget the past, work on the present and your future," that the future doesn't really happen the way we all want it to.  Our current human condition is a direct result of the past that either we lived it or as our ancestors lived it.  The past cannot be changed.  Our future might not turn out exactly how we would like it to, but our current situation in life is connected to both by the choices we will make based on our knowledge of past events and the people who lived those events.  Be a leader of conscience and look to the past for as much information as possible.  Your conscious exodus should lead you into a greater understanding of your weltanschauung.  I was sent a post by a Facebook friend today complimenting me on my recently added profile picture, and noticed her profile pic which has been there before, but actually inspired me today to reflect more on my own conscious exodus.  It is a picture that when stared into gives you a sense of awe and wonder.  It has the power to release you from thoughts that might be on your mind at that moment.  If you want it to, it might just be able to help you clear your head enough to reflect on where you are and where you want to go.  I know there are many other pictures that might do the same.  The difference is, this picture was there in the past, but it was not until something here in the present made me pay attention to it like I did.  Sometimes we look at the present world around us as if we are unconsciously living in it.  More on this as I write about it in the book.