Monday, January 17, 2011

Where's your Conscious Exodus taking you today?

I am getting ready to do some research and citations for the book I am writing tentatively entitled
Weltanschauung: Habits, Principles, and Personal Choices of Moral Leadership for Leaders of Conscience in the 21st Century

The research today is very appropriate because I am looking to Howard Thurman whom was an inspiration and teacher to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Included will also be reference to Dr. King's influence on me through his writings in regards to personal exodus.

If time permits I am also going back into one of my all time favorite stories The Epic of Gilgamesh and including some connections I see between Weltanschauung and Conscious Exodus as exemplified between the King of Uruk and Enkidu.

Enjoy your holiday and remember it is a day that is very important when you ask the question, "Where will your Conscious Exodus take you today?"