Sunday, April 3, 2011

Death Doesn't End Anything

Where does death take us and what does it leave behind?  I am a believer in the eternalness of existence.  As a student of the natural sciences I was taught a few basic things about the world we live in.  One of these things is the Law of Conservation of Matter.   You might remember this from some of your basic science classes in school.  This principle is proven to declare that matter/mass/energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but is constantly changed from one form to another.  The existence of a "soul" lends a more interesting twist to this idea and is yet to be considered in this, but I challenge you to include it as you think about all of this.  I will not comment one way or another about this here, but can say as a believer that souls may defy this and do exist in this world even though we may not be able to see a soul or prove it's existence as part of the natural world.  Many will make a disconnect from the natural to the supernatural in defense of their argument. I see the two as dependent upon one another and connected.

As a student of  philosophy and religion, I was taught that there are many systems of faith that hold true to the same idea in terms of God or a higher power.  Many look to an after-life (hellish or heavenly worlds,) a resurrection day, or reincarnation.  What ever your belief, you do not disappear, nor do the "footprints" you left in this world.  There is no free ride for any of us.  In my book I will expand on this in a few of the chapters.

If you have had the experience of death effect you in profound ways during your life then you will find a connection as you read these chapters.  If death has not yet been part of your Conscious Exodus yet then maybe my stories can help prepare you for the decision ahead of you as death becomes more real to you.

Recently,  I've have put to rest my father-in-law and my uncle.  They died only days apart from one another in two separate events not obviously connected at all in the worlds they shared.  They did share a connection even thought they were not acquainted with each other directly.  I knew them both and loved them both.  They barely knew each other, but my wife spent much of her life with both of them even though she did not share time with them together.  They were not blood relations, yet they had family connections to my side of the family and my wife's family.  The way they profoundly effected the path I am on in my Conscious Exodus will  continue to effect me even in their absence.  Maybe their absence will cause more of an effect on my direction than their life's did.  I am still thinking about that one because in death we are not gone from memory or influence of those we leave behind.