Friday, July 15, 2011

Consciously Aware of the Moment

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Once again time has passed since my last post.  The days are filled with hours and the hours are filled with minutes and those minutes are filled with seconds, but it's the moments that those seconds make that really matters.

I cannot even imagine a world without time restraints, but I would like to think one of those worlds does exist.   The moments that we create in our daily lives are often limited by that concept we call "time."  I hustle to get things done before the day ends and realize that it might not really even matter when we approach the issue from the perspective of "no-time."  The concept of "no-time" needs to be explored more and the schedules we have put ourselves on as a human race should be rethought.  Immortality and timelessness are difficult to understand, but I don't think we put enough effort into thinking about these concepts anymore.  Instead we focus on being slaves to the 8-hour work day and the 40-hour work week.  Many live as if they are in a raced to acquire as much as possible in the time they have on this planet no matter who they hurt in the process, (as if that really matters if we die and stop existing.)   The 24-hour day is not really as it seems, it's fashioned out of convenience and the 24/7 schema is there for the benefit of those who control the system it exists in.  It also changes as events happen.

I grow older each day, but my life really exists in that particular moment when I am consciously aware of my existence outside of the restraints of time.  It is then that I am consciously aware of the moment when no-time is present.  Is this moment of awareness a glimpse at immortality?  The crazy idea that there are immortals that use us for their benefit as the worker bees in a world of their creation was once an idea that sparked an interest to seek out the sources of their immortality.  Lists of people who claimed or sought after immortality do exist.  Are they crazy?  Finite existence of the human vessel is the view most human beings accept.  I would like to believe some part of us is everlasting just as we are taught in many Christian (and other) faiths, but to understand this shouldn't we always be consciously aware of the moment?