Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Journey Continues

Another month into the year and Thanksgiving is almost here. American Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it centers around food and family. As commercialized as it is (and actually nationalized to promote economic resurrection,) I enjoy it because it still remains fairly free of cards, gifts, and decorations. I find it a day that reminds me that I am thankful daily. This might sound unusual, but it really makes sense to me as I journey onward in my Conscious Exodus.

It is almost bizarre to think that some people really only give thanks for what they have on this single day of the year. I cannot imagine a day that I have not, or cannot, say "thank you" to someone or pray a prayer of "thanksgiving" for something that helped me in my journey. I know there are those devastating events that happen to us from day to day, and I am not unaware of those terrible things that are happening to people all over the world as I type this. I do know that all of that is happening and that as it unfolds, those who are both unwillful and willful participants in it all have moments of every emotion imaginable. I myself have experienced some very dreadful things in my life and as they get put into perspective with everything going on in the world, I still see fit that I need to be thankful.

I hope all of you reading this find the time to journey into conscience and reflect on the moment to become aware of those things that make you want to say "thank you". I thank all of you for helping me in my Conscious Exodus. Knowing that everything doesn't always fit in the exact way you may want, but understanding it does fit in the grander scale and if you are in it for the right reasons, and can accept that sometimes it may arouse emotion, then your journey has begun. Be thankful it happened. Understand you are not always in control of what happens, but you do control a portion of it. Have no hidden agenda and work to develop those around you rather than destroy them. If your intentions are just and without selfish intent be thankful.