Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Connecting on Our Exodus

Not that there isn't more to life than getting online checking Facebook, Tweeting, checking the bank account balance and paying a few bills, doing a little shopping on eBay and Amazon, updating the blogger, checking out a recommended YouTube video or watching a streaming news breif, connecting with distant cousins on Family Tree DNA and randomly zoning out while searching for a new recipe on Google or Yahoo! then searching everything else that may come to mind as you look for the ingredients or origins of the recipe, but can we just imagine there was time when none of this was possible in one short portion of our day?

I know a time like this once existed.  I grew up in a time when computers were used for business not pleasure.  Online didn't mean getting connected via the Internet.  Checking in with friends and family was expensive and many of us just couldn't afford to stay "connected" from the lives we lived many hundreds of miles away from each other.  Friends were the people we physically interacted  with and enjoyed being next to.  Paying a bill took days to do and shopping was a weekly or monthly thing, not a daily experience.   We only knew who we were because someone probably told us stories about who we were and some of us might have had a picture in a photo album to help us remember the family past.  What  we ate that night was probably the same things we ate the week before unless someone had time to search through a recipe book or magazine to find anew and exciting cassarole to prepare.  I viewed life much differently than I do now and it is because of the instant connections to information and new "friends" and old "friends" that I seldom ever physically interact with.  We all know that if we look back far enough in time and remember our world history, even greater challenges to connect with each existed.  Our search for "who we are" and who we want to become as part of the world order was very difficult for many.

Think. A time existed when there were no automobiles to quickly connect our towns and cities, and no planes to connect our country with another, and there was even a time when boats were not very capable of crossing the vast oceans.  We are so immediately connected today in ways that probably could never have been imagined 2000 years ago.  The time that has passed and the people that have been able to meet because of advancements in the way we "connect" with each other has definately changed the way I search for the answers and interact with those I come in contact with daily.  My Conscious Exodus is much different today than it would have been 2000 years ago.  Where is your Conscious Exodus taking you today?