Sunday, April 21, 2013

1 Year of Unconscious Drifting

Look for the signs of a life incomplete. The signs that something is missing.  Something that makes a person inspired to walk into the dark, and search for a light to see what is there is not always the stories we hear about.  Have you walked into the dark recently and found the light?  I know there are many extraordinary people out there that are facing many different challenges.

My heart goes out to the leaders of our world in these dark times.  My prayers are with all of the victims of the horrendous acts that were thrust upon them.  Our actions need to be focused and constructive to help us journey into a brighter world.

The recent Boston bombings and Texas explosions, the school shootings and violent attacks in the US and abroad, the conspiracies that exist to make wealthy men wealthier and the poor more desolate cannot go unnoticed.  Our freedoms and liberties are at stake and spiritual attacks on us are too frequently ignored.  Race and religion must not divide us in these times when the forces of good and evil are facing off with each other.  The nationalities of our enemies are the same as the nationalities of our friends and today if we look into our DNA we will find the ones we fight against are our relations from long ago.  Evil wins when we are consumed by jealousy, envy, hate, ego, and over zealous pride.

The non-religious are not our enemies, the other races are not our enemies, the language barriers of our world divide us and allow wicked men and women to take advantage of our ignorance.  Death is not the end nor is it the solution, but evil must be conquered and evil exists in human actions.  We are evil and they are evil.  Even our good deeds can be evil in form.  The answers are not easy.  I do not have the answers.  The answer can only exist if good is what all seek out.  Chaos and destruction awaits when this is not the focus.  How we attack evil can make us evil does it not?  Angelic Wars are not Earthly wars.  This is not the end, but merely the starting point for further investigation.  To destroy evil we must embrace evil and welcome it into a world of good, but I know my human learning's have taught me just the opposite.  Seek out and destroy the virus.  Follow orders to complete the mission and take control of the enemy through any means necessary.  These along with other teaching swell my thoughts with emotion and power as I seek to find my balance in this world.

Much more is needed to further journey on as I drift through the Universe often unconscious in my Conscious Exodus.  Fear None, Love All.....Question every one's reason for their actions.  Why did they do it?