Sunday, January 26, 2014


Well another year begins and our thoughts should be on the future.  I know that's what I am trying to focus on.

The past is behind us and our misteaks mistakes hide there to haunt us and remind us of our humanity.  If we made a bad decision and learned from it then that is a move in the right direction.  Don't live in the past and torment yourself because of a bad choice that you may have made.  I know we have all heard this sort of advice before and probably try hard to make the future better than the past, but I am talking about using the past as part of our futures.  I am talking about looking at the past and not only learning from it, but also understanding how the past brought us to where we are in the moment.  This is what I hope for myself and all of you.  At times during the past year, my journey has brought me directly into the fire and deserts of despair, but although it felt like I would never make it to water, I did.  I even have extra water left over to share with you.

Live for your future because sometimes our Conscious Exodus isn't as wonderful as the destination we seek.

Fear None, Love All.